WingX now offers radar imagery on the moving map, making flight planning much easier.

WingX now offers radar imagery on the moving map, making route planning much easier.

WingX Pro has offered a radar overlay on the moving map for a few years now, but this was only accessible in the air when using an ADS-B receiver. On the ground though there was no option to overlay the radar picture along with your flight plan. That’s all in the past now, as WingX has partnered with Baron Services to add new interactive weather features to the moving map display in version 7 of the app. This is a critical feature, since many pilots have become accustomed to checking preflight weather on the iPad and using the touch planning tools to pick a route around around heavy precipitation.

When viewing the map you’ll see a new WX button at the top right of the screen. Tapping this will display a drop down  menu with options to overlay a variety of weather products, including NEXRAD, satellite imagery, surface analysis, echo tops and severe weather forecast graphics. At the top of this menu is a small gear-shaped settings button, which brings up additional display options. This is where you can choose to animate the weather and adjust the transparency of the overlays. Just above the WX button is a separate weather overlay button, which was introduced in a recent update to the app. Here you can choose to overlay additional weather information along with the radar, like airport flight rules or fuel prices.

The WingX update also includes a few new features for customers who have a geo-referenced chart subscription. You’ll be able to see a flight path trail on instrument approach charts reflecting the last 10 minutes, along with the current route ahead of you on the chart. The app also added pitot-static support for the iLevil AW accessory, which allows the app to use your airspeed and pressure altitude instead of GPS groundspeed and altitude.

The update is free for current users, and can be downloaded on the iTunes App Store.

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